Since graduating from the Centennial College Creative Advertising Program in Toronto in 2002, I have worked as a Marketing Analyst, Project Manager, Advertising Account Executive, Event Planner, Graphic Designer, Web Developer, Photographer and Artist for a wide variety of companies and clients.

My experience in administration, marketing and project management combined with my design skill set creates my unique ability to apply analytical thinking to creative design and outside-the-box creative thinking to management & problem solving.




Since launching my freelance business in 2011 I have managed projects and designed marketing materials for start up companies, small businesses and large enterprises from all over the world.  My tasks have included web development, graphic design, photography, social media management/content creation and marketing consultation for the tourism, real estate, healthcare and hospitality industry. My full portfolio is available upon request.




Spitfire Media provides marketing services to a wide range of industries including finance, international real estate development, tradeshows and B2B marketing. Reporting to the VP of Marketing, I was responsible for execution of marketing strategy, client relations, creative design & development, event planning, budget control and project management for a variety of clients.




Working in a small advertising agency, I had the opportunity to learn and work in every department including Media Buying and Creative Development. My main responsibilities involved daily client management, ASC approvals, media trafficking, creative brief development and project budget control. As my role evolved I was assigned to manage small clients with campaign development and execution. This included project management of the Subway Sandwiches annual fundraising golf tournament and a television commercial production for the Subway Sandwiches Special Olympics campaign.




Reporting to the Marketing Director, I was responsible for creating daily, weekly and monthly customer and inventory reports of the HBC Rewards Program and assisted in providing insight and analysis for HBC Rewards marketing strategy. I also created custom presentations and assisted in administration tasks for the marketing team.

I’m an analytical thinker with a creative mind. I am detail oriented, organized and meticulous in my planning. I enjoy working with data and gathering information and I am very resourceful when it comes to problem solving.

Business Development

With a background in both the corporate environment as well as starting my own freelance business, I have had the opportunity to be involved in business development efforts in both well-established and start-up companies.  Whether it is ongoing lead generation and project management as a part of a well-known agency, or building the structure, establishing processes and launching a new venture, I am able to apply a broad and experienced perspective to the problem solving that is essential to growing and maintaining a business.

Data Analysis & Reporting
SPITFIRE MEDIA employed a group of over 500 sales agents for its financial services products. I was given the task of designing a reporting system to efficiently track sales for a new incentive program. Using the company’s mainframe sales data and some creative Excel design, we were able to automate a visual indicator each time a sales agent reached a predetermined goal thus allowing us to acknowledge achievements in a timely manner. This was one of many projects that I managed that required extensive database management and reporting.
Event/Trade Show Planning
I was assigned to plan and organize SPITFIRE MEDIA’s Client Appreciation events that took place in 6 cities across Canada over a span of 8 days. As project manager, my team and I successfully launched each event that required unique venues, themed entertainment, catering services plus hotel and travel arrangements for the staff, invitation designs, follow-up newsletters and budget control.
Project Management

Working closely with the Marketing Manager of Parmalat Cream Cheese (a client of CALEXIS ADVERTISING), I assisted in compiling research to determine a marketing strategy to appeal to commercial bakers across Canada. I was also the liaison between the client, our media buyer and our creative team to ensure that final artwork was in line with our strategy and that the campaign was executed on time. The campaign resulted in a nationwide print campaign in numerous B2B industry magazines.

Administrative Support
As Jr. Account Executive at CALEXIS ADVERTISING for the Subway Sandwiches account, my regular duties included editing TV & Radio scripts to ASC standards, trafficking radio and television media to various outlets, organizing events for radio stations and distributing promotional materials to local Subway Sandwiches stores. I was also responsible for monitoring accurate time sheets for the staff to determine client billing as well as creating, managing and closing client dockets.
I’m a creative thinker with an analytical mind. I use colour, design and layout as a tool to successfully communicate ideas, stories and brands. How a message is delivered is just as important as the message itself.
Web Design & Development

More than ever before, businesses rely on a strong digital, web-based footprint to reach their audience.  With a strong eye for design and a mind focused on functionality, I have created a growing portfolio of websites for a variety of businesses, organizations and individuals in many different fields.  Form and function are well-balanced with a passion for clean, contemporary design as well as back-end database management, content creation and Search Engine Optimization.

Graphic Design

Successful graphic design requires a strong mix of artistic skill, awareness of social trends, knowledge of design tools and contemporary practices and the keen ability to assess a product, service or client so as to present the subject in its most appealing light.  Through the use of engaging imagery, stimulating color palettes, effective fonts and other design elements, I create both digital as well as print materials used for marketing or any other professional applications.


Through my experience with a diverse range of clientele, I have had the opportunity to create logos and branding elements for businesses in a wide variety of sectors including finance, tourism, real estate, consumer products, philanthropy and more.  More than just creating a nice logo, my experience provides me with the tools to consider the many facets that make up a business to create the images, colors, style, fonts and features that make up the visual appeal of a business that is effectively-branded.

Presentation Design
HBC REWARDS was Canada’s biggest rewards program with millions of members across the country and a rewards catalogue with thousands of products and services. Each week I created presentations that provided insight on customer and merchandise activity to the senior marketing team. My expertise lies in taking complex data and information and create a visually appealing and fluid story to capture the audience’s attention.

What started as a hobby has developed into an integral component of the creative services that I offer.  Engaging imagery is essential to any marketing campaign and with today’s software and technology the potential to include the perfect shot in a business’ media and materials is always at hand.  Whether as a line item on a comprehensive proposal for my clients, a stand-alone service or in the ongoing collection of stock images for my own projects, I am always in the pursuit of capturing high-quality images.



Advanced formulas, tables & formatting, conditional formatting, advanced charting, pivot tables & pivot reporting.



Mail merge, forms & fields, work with large document, manage revisions & comments.



Audio & videos in presentation, templates & themes, content from other programs, interactive presentation, animation.
  • Identity & branding
  • Advertisements
  • Typography
  • Print
  • Email campaigns
  • Photo manipulation
  • Portrait retouching
  • Colour theory










I am new to Vancouver and I’m excited to start a new chapter in this beautiful city. I am a Canadian citizen originally from Toronto and I’ve spent the last 4 years travelling the world while running my own freelance web development and graphic design business. My travel destinations have included Panama, Costa Rica, Colombia, Mexico, Philippines, Hawaii and various cities across Canada and United States. Along with travel, I enjoy photography, video production, art, yoga and cooking.

I look forward to discussing the opportunity to contribute to your team. My references and portfolio are available upon request. Thank you for visiting my online resume and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions!